Nifty day: I was able to finish my targets for today, which was deliver 2 modules for our new service. Finished the classes and the test scripts, stored them into the integration server. The classes passed the tests (the ones that I could think of) and hope that they would pass the administrators’ rigid test plans and tests. Two more modules to go, and I hope that they too, will pass testing.

Our company was able to launch a new service today. Cheers to my co-members in the development team for a job well done.

So far, an SMS to E-mail solution that I had soloed is doing well in the internal UAT’s. Just a couple more bugs to resolve and a couple of test scenarios to redo then it’s gonna be ready for launch – my first commercially launched SMS project!

Another SMS project that I’m participating in is nearing completion, with unit tests showing a very good result. Slowly, I’m starting to fit in with a system (Extreme Programming) that I struggled to deal with during since its adaptation as our company’s development methodology. Hopefully we can launch by July 15. I can’t wait!

One thought on “TODAY’S WORK

  1. That’s why Sysdev Department’s Head dont want you to transfer to SysAdmin groups.

    Your a “JEWEL” bro…..

    Halleluuyahhhhh !!!!

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