Kimi Raikkonen takes Pole Position in Silverstone

For the first two sectors of the lap, the McLaren MP4/19B that Kimi Raikkonen was driving didn’t look much too different than the car they started out the year with. But in the final sector of the lap, the Flying Finn put in some brilliant driving to snatch the top slot for tomorrow’s British Grand Prix in Silverstone from the dominant Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team.

Raikkonen was down four-tenths of a second on then pole-sitter Rubens Barrichello of Ferrari in the first sector of the lap, but cut the deficit to only two-tenths of a second on the second sector. On the third sector, Raikkonen’s smooth, slick driving style through the slow corners and an evidently cooperative car erased his deficit and lifted him up to Pole Position.

McLaren and Raikkonen has been struggling for most of this season with car problems, but since the unveiling of the B-specification of the MP4/19 car last week in France, things suddenly look bright for McLaren.


It was a joy to watch, watching last year’s title challenger to Michael Schumacher with a better car getting a shot in going head to head once more with the multiple world champion. Kimi is my favorite F1 driver for his style of “letting the driving do the talking”. Kimi is the most quiet pilot, a man of few words, but his on track performances reflect his full commitment to racing flat out and starting what could be his future dominance of the sport.

Big congratulations are in order too for Jenson Button, who qualified in third position, outpacing Michael Schumacher who was bumped down to fourth. Button further cemented, with his performance, the informal title of being the top British driver in F1.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s race. Will Kimi deliver his second win in F1? Will McLaren give him the right strategy? Will it rain tomorrow? Rain makes for more exciting races, but I hope it stays away. All I want right now is to see Kimi make the headlines with a second F1 win.

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