Hell of a day: stayed in the office till about 9 PM integrating codes for a service that is being planned for launch on the 15th. Did some minor refactoring out of similar functions and placed them in the base class. Also, I had to change one of my classes to suit my team-mate’s implementation. It took some time to make it work as it failed a couple of times during regression testing, but I got to sort the things out (it took time though).

Missed the live qualifying entirely, but good thing there was a replay on Star Sports. Funny thing was, the code I was doing for most of the day stuck in my head as I blurted out code related stuff, talking gibberish to my mom and my sister about code and blah.

Anyway, integration continues on Monday morning. Before that day ends, the system must be integrated and ready for testing by the carrier. A tough task. Hope everything works out.

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