Filipino pull-out in Iraq not a victory of terror, but a victory of humanity.

Most of the other nations express disappointment at our government’s decision to pull out the contingent in Iraq. Many see the act as a “victory of terrorism” or an “act of cowardice”. The highly unpopular decision in the international community has, however, won for the government some respect back from their own countrymen, this chap included.

Let the whole world call what they see. They will never understand why our people decided to what was the unthinkable to them. Do they have hundreds and thousands of their own countrymen who journey to far away lands just to keep their families alive? Do other cultures pride themselves of putting their own families ahead of personal interests? Let the people of other cultures call us whatever they see us. They are entitled to their own opinion.

But let me say this – the Filipino pull-out in Iraq is not a victory of terrorism. I choose to see it as a victory of humanity. Why? For the first time in a long time, Filipinos have once more banded together to achieve a common cause – we prayed together for Angelo dela Cruz’ safety while in captivity, for his release and his safe return. We all voiced out and asked the government to pull-out from a war that was never ours to win, not ours to finish, and the glory of which is tainted with shame fueled by revenge for an act of shameful violence (September 11, 2001). The government realized and what its’ constituents wanted, and with their efforts and the Filipinos countless prayers and vigils, Angelo dela Cruz is now free from the Iraqi captors. A victory of humanity not just in the unity of the Filipinos, but this ensures that the families of migrant workers from our country in the far flung lands can rest their minds that the Filipino people is behind them. A victory of humanity for we have once more pooled our voices and minds together to keep the hopes of the families of these workers alive and their dreams within their reach. A victory of humanity for life has prevailed over death and violence.

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