Business Ideas

I frequently play around with crazy business names and ideas. Sometimes it just cracks me up and sometimes it makes sense that I want to do it. However, I am not prepared to make such risks yet, but hey, I’ll share them with you guys just in case you guys are thinking and if it succeeds, maybe you can just give me a call or something and we’ll discuss the royalties πŸ˜‰ kidding. but hey, i’m serious, if it succeeds, i don’t mind getting even a tiny share! πŸ™‚

JONAT’S DONATS – the Pinoy Donat

Ever wondered how Pinoy favorites will be like in donuts? Here’s a crazy wacky menu that will cater to the Pinoy taste!

donats glazed with vinegar and spicy dried fish powder
dinuguan-filled puto donat
green mango donat with shrimp paste glaze
puto bumbong dats
niyog mantskins
champorado creme donat with dried fish powder
donat-pao (the chinese dimsum donat)
amazing bicol express filled donat

LINKIN PERK – the rocker coffee shop

A tribute coffee shop to LP. Besides that, their songs make good names for coffee mixes/coffee cocktails.

Meteora Espresso with a bit of chili powder and cinnamon. Flaming hot!
One Step CloserEspresso, hot water, Kahlua and a shot of tequila. Each shot brings you one step closer to the edge (And you’re about to break).
CrawlingOne shot espresso, one shot vodka, one shot rum, one shot Jack Daniel’s, one shot Johnny Walker, one shot Jose Cuervo. Get enough of this coffee and you’re crawling all the way home.
PapercutCoffee of the Day in spanking new paper cups that will give ur fingers numerous papercuts.
NumbFifteen different coffee blends in one tall 500mL cup. Bottoms up and then feel nothing.

Pastries and Food to be supplied by Jonats Donats

More ideas to come soon πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “CRAZY IDEAS

  1. kulet ba? workings of an idle mind heheheh! sometimes it can get really scary because some people get weirded out… but i don’t mind, it’s all fun! πŸ™‚

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