I’ve Been Reading PostSecret A Lot Lately…

Ever since getting the link of PostSecret from Pammy’s Mental Foreplay Journal, I’ve been visiting and re-visiting other people’s secrets. There are urges for me to reveal my own, but I don’t need to, there are friends of mine who are utterly trustworthy and non-judgemental enough to know what I have to say and not change the way they look at me.

But the undeniable thing about PostSecret is that people from all over express their revelations in creative ways. Some are simple and plain statements of their secrets. Others go the extra mile to express what they truly feel and what they want to say with more than just words. The secrets are sent in via good old snail mail and by doing that, it filters out the lazy ‘revelationists’ from the ones who have an urgent need to reveal their secrets.

I just wonder if anyone would find my secret if I indeed sent one.

Maybe one day I will.

6 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. ei! blogging again eh? Ba’t kaya lagi ko nadadaanan blog mo? ehehhehe.. anyways, i love post secret.. makes me think about my own secrets. and minsan parang creepy na interesting.. na you wishe it wasn’t you they’re talking about.. basta, labo..

  2. uy abi! heheh yep, blogging ulit 🙂 siguro tlagang ganun, once bloggie friends, always bloggie friends tlaga hehehe. i agree with what you said, even if it is creepy, it’s interesting and yun, basta labo din 😀

  3. thanks keech, sometimes, you find something you think lost and it calls you home. that’s what writing did, it called me home and it’s helping me get through recent events…it’s difficult to get through things that happened in life, but somehow, writing is a gift that’s not overly difficult to rediscover, even after some time…

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