Working without the Internet

Got to work earlier than usual today only to find out that there our DSL connection went down. So we waited (and waited and waited and waited) for PLDT to return our concern calls. They did only to find out that they would be able to send help by 8am tomorrow morning. This meant that we all had to make do without internet connectivity. No Google to rely on, no Friendster to pass the time, and no Blogger and Multiply to distract me from the pressures of work. The good thing to come out of it was that I was able to make some local simulations of a software were developing and they had some pretty good hints where the potential problems will be. Me and my officemates were able to take our feet off the throttle just a little bit and spent sometime making really silly quips about everything and anything.


Bitten by the Badminton Bug

I made good on a promise to be more actively exercising by taking up my officemate MeAnn’s offer to play badminton after work. So I got myself a racquet and a can of shuttlecocks after work yesterday and after today’s long countdown that is work, we set off for Uno Badminton center inside BF Resort Village.

So we hit shuttlecock #1 back and forth all hour long, and after all that serving, volleying, cursing and teasing and horsing around, all I could feel for shuttlecock #1 was pity for its state: broken in several places (it hit me in the head, thanks MeAnn) and the feathers were pretty much on the court floor. MeAnn was a good hitter, putting shots in places that my unflexible body couldn’t reach (like a few inches from my face) and kept making shots that would have entertained a photographer for the really funny looking shapes that my body made while reaching for the shuttlecock.

All in all it was a good game, and hopefully next time, other friends and officemates can join in to share my embarassment. Well, the embarassment part was worth it because hopefully this will get me and keep me in good shape. So pare, thanks for the game and next time, I will be better para quits na tayo!

One thought on “TODAY

  1. That’s some hilarious narration of our game, man. Seriously though you made me work hard chasing those damn shuttlecocks *shakes head*…never been too gentle at hitting those things. At least you made me play at a different speed…gives me a bit of variation in my play, hehehe.Hopefully you’re right…that we can drag our friends/officemates to play…be a team in keeping healhty and beating each other’s asses in badminton! For glory! 😛Let’s sched another time.You better than me? Hmmm….I smell a challenge. Either that or our sweat from chasing the shuttlecock or laughing.See ya, dude.

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