Arnold Arre’s “After Eden”

A friend of mine suggested that I give Arnold Arre’s After Eden a chance. So, armed with my itchy fingers that just recently got paid, I set off for Powerbooks before going home from work and got myself a copy. It’s a graphic novel by a Filipino author and as the liner notes say, the author has made some good impressions with his previous works and has won some national awards for his work. Priced very competitively against other graphic novels at Ph.P295.

I dug in as soon as I got home and finished dinner. My first note was because of its price, there were no colors on this graphic novel. But the lack of color was something that fits the spirit of the storyline well. The story is well told, the points of view are good, the dialogs a bit overboard but hits the points very well, and the art does the scenes justice. In some cases, the story got a bit too cheesy for me to bear, maybe because I’m just out of the cheeseball stage.

The author has put in very good insights in the novel and it had me nodding most of the time. Overall, I’d say that this graphic novel provides a nice insight, though a small minority of them nothing new, but the author does well enough to produce a work of literature and (his wife’s) art that will keep the readers asking for more.

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