I Got Seriously Kicked in the Ass

For the first time in a long time, I woke up early on a Saturday morning. Why? Because my officemate Ann and her boyfriend Spencer invited me for a game of badminton. They had court reservations from 9am to 11am, which means two full hours of intense (shuttle)cock-hitting action!

So we got together and went to hit the courts. The place was pretty much empty, only a few courts were taken. We easily got a court for the three of us and after doing warm ups, Ann and I teamed up against Spenz. He’s been playing badminton for quite a while now so he’s obviously the guy who could handle us newbies (well Ann’s playing a bit longer than I am).

So the following did not happen:

– me whacking Ann in the head with the racket
– Ann whacking me in the head with the racket
– Spenz whacking the both of us in the head with the racket
– Ann and I working as a team (yeah we just both say ‘its yours’ at the same time)
– me being kind with the shuttlecock
– me winning against Ann
– me winning against Spenz
– me NOT getting hit in the head by the (shuttle)cock.

Spenz seriously kicked my butt when I took over his scored match with Ann. I took over at 4-4, and after furious back and forth exchanges of hits, he won the very closely contested match at a score of 15-4. I bet Spenz that I could score more if you used your spoon! Haha! I only won back a couple of serves but my game sucks (shuttle)cock so much, I couldn’t get a groove! It’s alright, at least I ran around the courts chasing the (shuttle)cock that I think I sweated a big Bestank of perspiration (to find me, follow the trail of drops of sweat).

Anyways, I wasn’t in it for the wins or the losses. I was there coz I’m starting to love how the game makes me feel good, even if I’m really bad at it. I’m loving it coz I just can’t get enough of moving around and staying on my toes. Plus, it reminds me of the good old days where sports was my thing to pass the time.

It doesn’t matter that my ass got kicked. Coz I beat the crap out of the (shuttle)cock (see photo).

2 thoughts on “SPORTS

  1. Hahahha…that’s such a funny account of our rare bouts of “athleticism” (if you want to call TRYING to hit [shuttle]-cocks and shouting mockeries a form of sport…oh man now you got me doing the [shuttle]-cock thing).If I had a blog (and I know I wouldn’t any time soon cuz as Jon points out, too damn O.C. to make one), i’d probably do my own narration of our 2nd game.True that Jon and my objective for playing badminton is for health reasons (that covers losing those flabs but so quite difficult due to the “temptations”, a.k.a. food, all around), but as a bonus we just get a kick of teasing each other, calling out names and just laughing (the latter being healthy for the heart).And anyway, it’s not like…teka…napapa-blog type na ang comment ko ah. Bottomline, I had fun. Sa uulitin! Find a court for tomorrow night ha! 😛

  2. pare,i’ll be sure to wait for your account of what transpired. I’m pretty sure it’s some twisted and exaggerated story with me being the villain of it all!i’m pretty sure whether it was your version or mine or spenz’s version, the bottom line is badminton is a great game for having fun, making fun of ourselves and of each other :p damn right this sport is good for the heart. thanks for reading up pare :p

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