Online High School Barkada Reunion

It just happened.

Two of my closest buddies in high school, Ferds and Mons went online early this afternoon. So, I initiated a sorta high school barkada reunion online: I invited them to a Yahoo! Messenger conference.

Frankly, it’s an online version of what we are when we get to see each other. But physically doing that is quite impossible at the moment – Ferds is in Canada, taking up his Master’s degree, while Mons is in the U.S., making preparations for his U.S Medical Licensure Exams. Though Mons is already an M.D. here in the Philippines, he chose to go to the U.S. where his family is and intends to practice medicine there. Too bad that our other barkada, Rommel couldn’t make it online. It would’ve been a complete riot and the chat could’ve lasted more than the three hours we spent catching up and heckling one another.

I am proud that my friends have achieved what they want to do in our lives – back then in high school, I was kind of the wallflower-type, too gullible and defenseless to the practical jokes and heckling inflicted on me. Then I found them – people who were dead set on making their dreams come true, but fun enough to enjoy high school.

We’ve done some real crazy stuff then. I remember this one inuman incident while we were in college, probably the craziest drinking session in my whole life. Six of us in Mons’ house. Six big bottles of Red Horse beer. Charles, Rommel, Ferds and I drinking. Mons and Chiles sat the beer out and focused on the catching up that we were doing while drinking. To make the long story short, the four of us finished the six 1-litre bottles of Red Horse. The results were:

– Ferds shouting at the top of his lungs, “I AM THE STRONGEST MAN! THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL” at one moment, then uttering in an almost inaudible mumbling “pare di ko na kaya…tulog na ako…” while lying down in the low partition in front of the house and then going straight into the room to sleep.

– Rommel and I heading into the living room to drink some coffee, taking up positions in the sofa and a chair. Then Rommel peeling off towards the bedroom in what seems to be a hurry.

– Finding Ferds on all fours,vomiting on the floor of the bedroom. Mons’ cleans up the mess, ends up vomitting in the bathroom (and he didn’t even have a drop of alcohol).

– Mons finds out that Rommel thought a bedroom was the bathroom, finding more ‘blow’ in the bedroom floor.

– All of us fell asleep in a single room, then waking up in the morning making fun of all the vomiting and the worst alcohol buzz we’ve ever had together.

Anyways, the three hour long YM chat brought back memories of the good old days. I’ve been friends with these guys for more than 10 years now and the time and the distance doesn’t change a thing: we are more than just barkada, we are brothers, who will probably see one another off during weddings, baptism of kids, confirmation and all that.

In success, in failure, in everything – the boys will always be there to keep one another’s dreams and spirits up.

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