Group Hang

We’ve been meaning to get together more often since we had that get-together-cum-business-meeting two weeks ago and last night an opportunity surfaced. My college barkada and I haven’t seen a movie together since… since… yeah it’s been that long. Again, our sentimental favorite of a hangout, Rockwell, was the destination of choice.

There is something about that place, especially that area where the first Rockwell Starbucks Coffee stands: we are able to stay together for long periods of time without noticing how late or early in the morning it is, never having too much of awkward silences, and a lot of cerebral things being exchanged back and forth. We don’t notice that we’ve been together for almost six hours, that it’s almost 2:30am, that we keep on finding new stories to tell to one another, that another subject for discussion comes out of nowhere to keep us exchanging thoughts and opinions, and of course, that we’ve been keeping tabs on what’s great to eat, drink or places to go to.

By December of this year, I’ve been friends with these people for six years. And still, I am left in wonder how circumstances brought us all together, how we all became friends. How they accepted me in their circle and how I fit with them despite my difficulty in fitting in. Back then, there were 12 of us.

Now it’s just the four of us most of the time, five at the most: Yek, Robin, Monique,Glenn and I. But the fun I have with them is something that is on a different level, something that I know we’ll all consider special all our lives.

War of the Worlds

We picked War of the Worlds as the movie to watch. The movie had superb visual effects. Dakota Fanning was brilliant, Tom Cruise did great but nothing spectacular. Other than that, the movie had so many holes in the story, we generally felt that the development of the plot was kind of left out of the filmmaking process for this film. Most of the people filing out of the theatres asked questions like ‘how did we beat them?’ or ‘what killed them?’ or ‘what happened to the rest of the world?’. It was quite obvious that the gaps in the plot confused the viewers and the movie went for effects overkill to capture the attention and mesmerize the audience with the close-to-reality depiction of such a war if it occured.

The questions were so nagging, we talked about it over coffee at Gram’s Diner afterwards. Monique asked for the honor of the first question, and it was a no-brainer that she would ask ‘What killed the aliens?’, cause in our heads, we were asking the very same question too.


It was interesting how we moved from one topic to the next without skipping a beat: life outside our own solar system, faith, religion, pool, love, t-shirts, Glenn’s recent mishap (he’s okay), statements, books. Sometimes I just want to bring a recorder and listen to us talk about things. Of course, we were still fresh out of the theater from watching War of the Worlds so obviously, extraterrestrial life was the instant first topic over the first cup of coffee.

Life outside our own galaxy somehow will lead to questions about creation and the idea of a creator, so naturally, faith and religion was the logical thing to talk about. The transition was so natural that it still amazes me that our minds meet so much and there are no disagreements whether this would be something good to talk about or share thoughts about (well, there is just four of us, that is the beauty of a smaller barkada, less protestations and objections! :P).

Somehow, they make me realize how much better I’ve become over the years: with them, I learned how to listen more than talk incessantly about my misfortune or my dramas in life; with them I’ve learned how be more objective and learned how to look at things from another angle, not just mine.

Finally, it is in these simple conversations that makes grow wiser about something that I can never find out all by myself.

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