Poems Written Out of the Blue

Thoughts about things on a really boring evening. Enjoy!


with covered eyes

the light bounces off
the surface that covers
my eyes

underneath it
i watch every movement
in silence

foolish attempts
to watch your lips move
in slow motion

zoning out the noise
to catch the tune
of your voice

satisfying the sight
staring at the whole
that is you

from the outside
with covered eyes

when you go
there will be another.



i adorn the walls
of this place.
i am watching…

places overlooked,
taken for granted…
i feel safe.

staying very close
yet so far,
i feel comfort.

a beautiful thing
yet unnoticed
i am being.

please do not

i live for this.


fighting fate

it is an ugly battle
that leaves no scars
that takes no prisoners
only victims

not one shot fired
nor a punch thrown
just the pain inflicted
by inaction

there is no battlefield
arms, plans or enemy
no courage and valor
just denial

not a real confrontation
no victory or defeat
just a constant notion
of fighting fate

there is no real winner

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