“It always rains on the unloved…”

– Neil Gaiman, in Brief Lives

Rainy season has been around for quite a while now. I don’t really like the rain, and I hate the difficulties it brings to people who rely on public transport like me. Sure, Las Pinas is heaven for not being too much of a low-lying area that invites knee or neck-deep floods, but the rain affects us in so many other ways: traffic, getting rides, getting our clothes wet before the work day even starts, difficultiy in getting rides going home, muddy roads, careless drivers who can splash you wet with their arrogant driving; you know what I mean.

I love the cold, balmy atmosphere, but the low, dark clouds, the rhythmic sound of falling rain, and the chaos the rain brings reaffirm what Neil Gaiman wrote in Brief Lives – if the world loves you, why would the heavens open up and dump all its precipitation on you when you’ve just left the house without any protective clothing or umbrellas? Why would car drivers speed through puddles if they cared enough about you standing by the road? Why would students be sent home for an overabundance of rain while you go on and slave over work and get stuck in the rain waiting for rides that aren’t there, or rides that you just can no longer fit into?

But this rainy season, I will welcome being rained on, because I deserve to be unloved. I think about my actions and my decisions of the past few months, I deserve every single drop that the skies have for me. I deserve to be washed. To be brought down upon.

I am ready. Let the rain fall on the unloved.

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