Last Night, In Photos

Dinner at CPK, Chit-Chat, Coffee and Cigarettes at Mocha Blends BFRV. Robin + Ann + I + Friday Night + Banter that comes from everywhere and goes to anywhere = Inspired Photos, minus the participants.

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Really Good.

I Want This Book.

Pastries Await at Mocha Blends BFRV.

Eerie Photo.

Much Like A Medieval Scene…

The Bottles Intrigued Me. Thank you, Mrs. Owner for Letting Me Indulge!

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. meron ba? thanks teachoy tweena 🙂 nadaan sa editing ng Picasa software yung effect ng photos 🙂 The angles of course are credited to me and my so-called talent :p

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