Caregiver Mode

My mother came down with the flu last Wednesday and she was in a pretty bad shape yesterday so I skipped work to take care of her. We currently have no help in the household, and my mom kinda does everything so it must’ve taken its’ toll on her.

I did the least I could do – stay at her side, checking up on her every 15-20 minutes or so while I worked from home. Good thing my supervisor was willing to let me telecommute for the day so I could do work while caring for my mom. I was actually quite panicky, especially during the time her fever wouldn’t go down. I called my aunt for help, I’m not really used to caring for anyone sick.

It felt like I was returning the favor, for all those years that my mom cared for me when I was sick. This time it was my turn to tell her to get some food in her stomach to fight the illness, gave her water and changed the towel that I put on her back, made her soup, gave her a light sponge bath, made an ice pack for her aching head…

It made me feel more of a better son than I had been most of the time these past few months. She kinda made this wise crack that I could make it daw as a caregiver after yesterday. Magaling na daw ako magbigay ng ‘care’.

Well, it doesn’t take a day to make a caregiver, but what I know is that I can’t stand the thought of leaving my mom alone to cope with life here the way it is. I know she’s a fighter and survivor, but I just want to be there for her always, because she never left me, even in my darkest moments.

She deserves at least that, that I’ll be there for her. After what we all went through.

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