A few months back, my best buddy Rob introduced me to editing and archiving photos made easy with Picasa. Normally, editing photos would need the following steps:

1. Launching Adobe Photoshop.
2. Opening/finding the photo that you want to edit.
3. Do your editing thing: crop, auto levels, auto contrast or what have you.
4. Save or Save For Web
5. Upload and whatever it is you want to do with your photo.

With Picasa, all you need is boot it up, hit buttons for getting that desired effect or photo enhancement, export it and youre done! Add Hello! to your PC and you can have instant photos on your blog! I haven’t tried using hello to post photos and text but now that I have it on my PC, maybe I will soon. And there’s more. You can make nice photo grids or collages with Picasa at a click of a button! Perfect for those memories that you want in just one photo!

Download Picasa for free right here and find out what I’m talking about. Photos from my previous post were enhanced with Picasa 2.0 so go on and download it to find out what it can do for you and your photos.

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