Why I Love Sundays

I love Sundays because my mother gets herself all worked up for a nice lunch. For this Sunday’s sinful delight, she roasted pork steaks and made buttered peas with carrots and corn. The combination looked so sumptuous and beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself but take a picture.

The bad thing was, I was bothered by a bum stomach most of the day and missed this delight. But my mother just knew how to save the day: she wrapped my plate in the stretchable plastic thingy and saved it for my dinner. For lunch, she had me eat a whole banana and a couple of apples to help calm my tummy down. After taking a nap during the afternoon, and one bathroom trip, tummy ache gone! I was able to wolf down this delight for late afternoon REAL lunch, and a smile was unwipeable from my face from that point on.

For the next few days or so, Mom and I will make some real good cooking with some recipes to play with from the Chicken recipe book that my colleague Inna lent me. The work people promised me a share in the expenses if I give them something nice for lunch from the recipe book and hopefully, by some stroke of a miracle, that something that I will cook won’t be a disaster and will end up cheering up workmates and a brand new skill to brandish!

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