The Banner that Heralded the Event!

Johnnydu to Neil: “The best pages I have ever seen…”

Those were the only words I could think of telling him during the book signing. But when it was at last my turn to have my book signed, I simply told him, “The best pages I have ever seen…”, pointing to where I had wanted him to sign “Brief Lives”. And he muttered a generous “Thank you!” and went on to sign the book, “Jonathan, Dream Endlessly – Neil Gaiman”.

“Jonathan, Dream Endlessly” Signed, Neil Gaiman

Two simple words that I will remember for the rest of my life. He may have given the same message to anyone of the 425 people who had their books signed before me, but one thing is certain: I have been dreaming so much in my life, and finally, one of them have been made true by the events that transpired today. I will continue to do so, and I will make them come true with the same determination and tenacity that I had done so for today.

The Two Longest Lines I’ve Ever Been On… (Ground Level)

The Two Longest Lines I’ve Ever Been On… (2nd Level)

I waited for six long hours, in line with hundreds and hundreds of other people. My feet ached, my throat went dry until my sister came and rescued me with food and drink and encouragement to not lose the goal when it is in sight. Some friends texted and reminded me to hang on and never lose hope when I was close to turning my back and going home empty handed. I made conversation with people beside and behind me, keeping one another hopeful of meeting, greeting and having Neil make a mark on his masterpieces.

So thank you, Neil Gaiman for that 20 or so seconds spent together that will leave a lifetime of meaning. And thank you everyone who kept me going!

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