Brother-Sister Bonding Long Overdue

For a while, we couldn’t get along. As kids, we shared a fairly close circle of playmates and friends, for we all lived in a village small and very close knit. Eventually, they left, one family by one family off to greener pastures.

As we grew up, we formed other circles of friends that distracted us from sharing things with one another. The teenage years was a period where we developed some sort of gap, minding our own businesses and affairs. We were kind of more like strangers in some way that lived under one roof.

Things happened. College. Family problems. Personal problems for both me and her. But eventually we found one another again. We shared some light moments at first: watching “Moulin Rouge” on cable whenever we caught it, late nights spent just indulging in banter, discussing stuff we found interesting online among others. Nothing deep yet, but we were re-establishing our ties.

Then she graduated from college and went off to work for my cousin’s new color-separation business. It meant having my sister live with my aunt and uncle, seeing her only on occassions where the family gathered or only when she came home to visit. But this time, the re-established bond only deepened and we shared more than just vices, favorite shows, insights about other things and going out with common friends and cousins.

We rediscovered one another again, and of recent, when she helped me get through Neil Gaiman’s book signing, we hung out and talked. Really talked. About me, about her, about the special people in her life, about her visions and ideas. We supported one another by giving one another advice and encouragements, we did things that siblings do one another: be there and be the best you can for one another.

I trust that there will be more of these, my dear sister, I really appreciate the coffee, the beers, the stories and advices and most of all for being there for me to make one of my wishes come true, and for that I can’t thank you enough.

So my dear friends and readers, meet one of the women that I will treasure and love all my life. My sister, Joanna.

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