I Was Supposed to Buy Coffee…

But then I saw this:

Neil Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost of Living

My officemate and friend Ann and I had lunch yesterday at Festival Mall to talk about some career decisions. Of course, we’ve been working together for more than three years and when it comes to talking about career moves, we’ve always told each other about our plans where to go next. So we did talk about it over lunch and some other things. After eating, she said she wanted coffee and ask if I were to choose between Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I told her I’d take Coffee Bean over Starbucks, but not without commenting about her plans of a quite pricey caffeine fix. Since The Coffee Bean was in ATC, she drove to ATC with me to get her caffeine fix. Somewhere along the way to Coffee Bean, I decided I’d skip coffee and take a peek at Powerbooks to see if there’s anything new at all.

The first place I go to in Powerbooks is always where the graphic novels are. There’s this one book that I’m looking for which I passed up a number of months ago and everytime I go to Powerbooks, I take a look if they already have Jill Thompson’s At Death’s Door. Unfortunately, there still aren’t any copies in stock so I went on browsing the other graphic novels they had.

I was about to leave when I noticed that I haven’t checked one shelf that contains more graphic novels. So I went over and there, in between copies of some other graphic novels was a solitary copy of Death: The High Cost of Living. I immediately asked if there were anymore left and they told me that was the only one left.

So I bought it. I’ve already read it but I have this thing with books I’ve read, most especially if I’ve had other books by the same author or graphic novels: If it’s something that I’d read and liked the first time, I’d almost definitely buy it so I can come back to reading it anytime I want.

Anyways, Ann kinda gave me this playful punch in the arm when she found out I paid five hundred plus bucks for a comic book when I was avoiding a one hundred plus bucks worth of a caffeine craving. Somehow, whenever Ann and I talk about saving up money, we both end up spending some and throwing the idea of saving up a little bit out of the window.

Well, at least I have another Neil Gaiman graphic novel to add to my collection.

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