On Rainy Days

Music: The Dawn – Let Me Dream
Mood: A healthy mix of gloomy, tired, and wishful.

The rainy days bring with it an atmosphere of gloom with its gray clouds, paints the world in shades of gray and blue, and a torrent of tears from the sky. On certain days, the rain comes down so strong, that all I see from my office window is a veil of white obscuring my usual view of roads, buildings and vehicle traffic.

On occassion, claps of loud thunder would butt in, telling me that there may be more to come. Flashes of lightning brightens the surroundings momentarily, reminding me that in the amount of time that it took for it to flash from the sky to the ground, all these things around me could be gone and I could cease to exist.

When I feel like it, I allow the drops to fall on me, on my face, to allow myself to feel the impact of each drop, the chill it can bring, to taste what the sky’s tears are like to know if they taste like my own. Then I realize, when the sky cries, it’s not because it’s sad or it’s mourning or it’s happy. It cries because it can. We cry because our bodies can. I cry because I think it’s good sometimes. Maybe the skies cry because it agrees with me completely.

Finally, I look forward to what happens after the rains stop. It has to stop at some point. After all, it’s been quite a while since it has rained for forty days and forty nights. Like life, what happens after the rain is one of the things worth looking forward to.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

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