“Who’s the Fairest of Them All? Of Course, ako!”


I know that what I am about to write will not fit in a Friendster testimonial. That’s why I’m putting it down here.

Ann and I have been good friends for more than three years now. We have had ups and downs as friends, quarrels and arguments, but we have emerged as closer friends as ever. I never thought that our friendship would reach its current state, mainly because I thought she wouldn’t want to have people like me around her and boy, was I wrong.

We’ve seen one another go through problems and crises, and when we pull through out of it unscathed, we give one another a pat on the back. We’ve traded dull barbs and fun-filled potshots at one another to cheer one another up, given each other room in times of need of personal space, organized happenings to keep the morale between workmates alive and tell each other stories to amuse one another. Oh, and in the middle of that, a band was formed by office buddies just to let out some much needed stress, and she was one of the people who kept us going and giving us generous applause for our “super intense performance level” song numbers.

She’s given me the honor of riding shotgun on the way to work and going home, the privilege of folding the sunshade and radio rights. I feel lucky to be the one lending an ear to her rants and her ravings, and I feel blessed that she lends an ear to my own woes and worries. She’s allowed me to call her ‘pare’, ‘balake’, ‘queen’ and has tolerated my corny, visual and unpleasant toilet humor (complete with toilet paper).

Lately, I have gone through a phase where I had hit some stumbling blocks in my personal life and she has been extra patient with my weirdness since everything happened. I’ve been careless with words and speaking my mind, struggling to be myself with the recent end in my relationship, I’ve made some slacking off at work while trying to deal with everything, but she helped me get back on the right track by saying things that I know I can’t bear hearing but exactly what I need to correct my downward spiral.

I’m notorious for making things more difficult for myself and shooting myself in the foot, but her help has somehow pointed the nozzle of the gun somewhere else (and thankfully, not towards my head).

So this is more than just a testimonial. This is my humble appreciation for someone who’s been more than a colleague, but a real, true friend, queen, driver, gym buddy, badminton partner, food trip-mate, band fan, officemate and most of all, a true blue “pare”.

One thought on “FRIENDS

  1. Since I do not have a blog right now, I will have to be content with providing you a teaser, if you will, of what I plan to post as a response to your post about me. But before I do that, I just want to say thank you and i love you, dear, for being such a sincere friend.For the teaser:“…and after all that, he has been patient with me. When others would have been disappointed, irked or angry with me, or have left me (and others have done so) because of what I have just told them, Jonathan has supported me. He did not judge me or lecture me for the foolishness that I have committed rather he let me be in the sense that I go through with it at my pace because I was happy. But of course, Jon had conveyed to me a few words of advice to guide me by during that time of my life.How many individuals can you count in your life that gives you that — a room for growth with a thread of respect? So few, I tell you…”“…served as a compass to me when there are those times that I have lost direction in my work, in my sanity, reminding me There is Always a Bright Side in Life…”“…a friend, a brother.Not too complicated to understand, but not too simple to be taken for granted…”

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