It’s Not Just Plagiarism…

A friend of mine SMS’d me that a friend of hers passed off a poem that someone else wrote as his own and asked her to tell her what she thinks. She finds out that it was not his.

Simple isn’t it? Another case of online plagiarism, a case that we, as bloggers have to deal with at some point. Okay, not all of us who are journalizing our thoughts and fruits of our creativity are protective about what they print out on the Internet, but there are people who take passing off someone else’s creation as their own seriously. It’s a shameful and pathetic act really, and some of us take it lying down because we know better and the truth: the plagiarizer will never know the exact real reason why it was put out here in the Internet and the exact same feeling or inspiration why we wrote it. Anyways, there are organizations and tools over the Internet that protect those rights and are always ready to help out should any incidents like these happen to anyone whose creative works are violated by people with intentions I cannot fathom.

But I’m just stating the obvious fact.

This has never been done to me by any of my friends, because simply they know they are smart enough not to do such an act just to be perceived differently. I know that my friends are true and are honest enough about what they can and cannot do. They know that trust between friends is an important thing, that it is something to be taken care of. They know that abuse of trust changes everything and are smart enough to know the consequences of doing so. Should they do it, they should be prepared to deal with its consequences.

Such a thing happening as in my friend’s case is NOT just plagiarism. It is a violation of trust and the good in people. Some of us give the other party the benefit of the doubt and would not care enough to dig deeper. But some of us have instincts to know if we are being fooled, and are not afraid to open the lid of Pandora’s box.

Some of us can be forgiving, but there are people who treasure trust so much and people who have earned that trust.

It’s such a shame that some people throw that away at a whim, not knowing or caring enough how valuable it is. And I guess that’s what keeps the world in such a sorry state.

One thought on “TODAY

  1. dear johnny, mismo! u said all the right words… it just saddens me… i know i shouldnt be because that’s his prob but the fact that he was lying all this time while i was being truthful, perturbs me. anyways, thank you thank you thank you for the post and for ur messages last nyt!

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