The Game of Life

It had been quite an eventful afternoon even if I was just home. I spent some time chatting with my friends Trina and Shynne, and their stories kept me laughing and smiling all the time, my sides almost split open to spill my guts out. Morning was spent making some work happen, and after the ladies went offline, I was all of a sudden in search of something to do.

Then I saw my spanking new basketball still waiting to get its’ first taste of the hardcourt.

So, I put on a shirt, set off for the court near our house and went on a shooting spree. No, not with a gun. I spent a good three-fourths of an hour taking shots at the hoop, watching the ball arc through the air and swish the net. I spent most of my time at the free throw line, focusing at the hoop, taking slow deep breaths, spinning the ball in my palms, bending my knees and making the basket. Even though I missed a lot of shots, it felt good to shoot hoops again, finding some sort of piece and satisfaction in getting my shooting back into shape.

Then I realize that this game is pretty much like life. You can take all the shots in practice and make them all, but when game time comes, not everything will fall for you. You will miss some shots, you will make some errors. No amount of practice will make you ready enough for the real thing. Just as in like, no matter how much you prepare for certain situations, there will be things that will change and make things either interesting or challenging. Like life, talent is not enough. You have to hone your craft, work hard, rise to certain occassions to achieve your goals and your dreams. You will have to learn how to lead your peers, and finally work with your teammates together. No I’s or you’s. You pull together, work together, win together and lose together.

To some, the games we play are just that: games. To the artist, it is said that art ‘imitates’ life. But for me who thrives in sports and games, I say that sports ‘simulate’ life, in a simple, yet meaningful manner.

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