Finally Found…

Finally! A Pair of Egg Shakers! (Or whatever it’s called)

The egg shakers I’ve been looking for almost two months now. I’ve been constantly bugging music shops if they have them on stock, but alas they’re to find here down south. I’ve visited music shops in Southmall and Alabang Town Center constantly that when I visited them yesterday, they mouthed “Wala pa sir” even before I made it to the entrance.

A couple of days back, my officemates and I had lunch at Festival Mall and after eating, I saw two music shops so I decided to try. Alas, no luck either, but this attendant at Lazer Music told me to come back at six in the evening because they’ll have some stocks on hand by then. I didn’t have the chance to go back for it that day so I kinda told myself, maybe when I come back, they’ll be out of stocks again.

But my fortunes changed this time, because there were still egg shakers available when I came back after lunch today. For a measly 65 pesos, I get a pair of these instruments that will bring a more varied sound to our “super intense performance level” gigs.

Now I can add shaking these eggs to my repertoire of musical inclinations. I think I’ve got some basic beats in my body to play these and hopefully, I can shake eggs as good as the best egg shaking person 🙂


Craving Satisfied

I’ve been craving for Komoro-Soba’s Oyakudon for quite a while now, but it seems that the establishment seems not keen on putting up a branch in the malls here down south. I love their oyakudon and I find comfort after wolfing down a serving of this sumptuous chicken-based dish. It was introduced to me when I was college by friends, during those trips to Glorietta for extended lunches in between classes. It became my constant choice whenever we ate there (which was often), and after tasting other Japanese restaurants’ recipe, I found the best satisfaction in Komoro-Soba’s constantly delicious oyakudon.

Today, lunch was spent with best buddies Robin and Ann at Festival Mall. As always, one of the hardest questions to answer in life was posted: “Where do we eat?” Of course, the standard replies such as “Where do you want to eat?” or “It’s up to you” or “Anywhere” came out in the process, but Robin finally hinted what he wanted – a fulfillment of his own Okonomiyaki craving at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant. Ann and I figured it was a good choice so we ate there. The two had Okonomiyakis while I went on to satisfy my oyakudon craving.

To my delight, their oyakudon was good enough to satisfy the craving and I declared their recipe close to Komoro-Soba’s. I savored every struggle I went through eating with chopsticks, and I found comfort that I don’t need to go to Makati just to get a decent fulfillment of my oyakudon craving.

So, I’m two out of two today: getting egg shakers and fulfilling that food craving.

Lucky, lucky day!

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