Gearing Up for Super Intense Performance

Musical Workout

After spending the first half of the day in quite a bit of a flurry of activity, I’ve spent the latter half being utterly a PC-potato.

Yes, since around 12:30 in the afternoon, I’ve been glued to this icky computer chair, browsing, exchanging YM messages with friends, downloading mp3s, ripping music from CD’s to add to my PC playlist, reading blogs, reading F1 news, checking out stuff on eBay, checking email, submitting my first Mirror Project entry, playing music and then trying to learn how to play them on the guitar.

The only breaks I’ve taken are to stand up to answer the phone, get water, get some food, eat dinner, and take a bath.

Anyways, I’ve been downloading copies of songs that we’ll be playing at my best buddy and colleague Ann’s thanksgiving party and I’ve been studying how to play them. Yes, this time, I’m preparing for the ‘gig’ and practice the songs so I won’t forget them come the real thing. We’ve got quite a number of songs lined up, mostly alternative, some ballads and a few classics.

I’m allotting a few more hours tomorrow for practicing so the performance will be worth watching by old colleagues and friends coming by to join us. Ann’s mom actually wants us to jam and play at her birthday, but we’ll see how everything turns up on Friday first before we start thinking about our future.

We still don’t have a name. I was thinking of something geeky because all of us who form part of the band are somewhat geeky in one aspect. Any name would do, just don’t call us “The Mobile Band” because anything that attaches us with work makes us feel kinda sick and sucky. If you have an idea, leave us something in the comment box and we’ll credit you in the liner notes if we ever get that far.

For a bit of a sneek peek, here some of the songs in the set list:

Let Me Go by Three Doors Down
Got You Where I Want You by The Flys
Sugar by Tonic
You and Me by Lifehouse
Save Me by Remy Zero (just kidding, because if we do play this, I think I’ll lose all my fingers and my instruments smashed into smithereens)

A series of very special numbers will be performed by the subjects of the Queen.

And if everything turns out okay, we’ll share every photograph, video and sound bites on this website. I just hope we really do well on this one!


Mixed Emotions

It’s been an emotional and physical roller coaster for me today. Emotional because I felt so good in the morning about getting myself to work out and play badminton regularly now with friends and enjoying it so much that I don’t mind spending my Saturdays like this, then feeling so shocked and a bit gloomy in the afternoon after learning from my sister that one of her closest friends, Joy, passed away yesterday. She was like a sister to my sister, and I’ve met her on many occasions that my sister brings her along.

I always feel reminded of my mortality when someone I know passes on. It brings a variety of thoughts in my head: enjoy your life, but be not careless. Seize the day, but forget not about tomorrow. Watch what you say, but don’t hold back words that express feelings and appreciation. Grieve when you are hurt or left, but be consoled by time, love and letting go.

In situations like these, pretending things last is never enough.


Last Song Syndrome

I’m drowning in Isha’s Time and Again album. The piano instrumental track “1992” gave me goosebumps. The jazzy renditions of “Head Over Heels”, “Cherish” and “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” kept my head bobbing up and down as I write this post. Her piano playing complements her smooth vocal style that kind of reminds me of Barbie Almabis’ voice (I can’t explain it, but it does).

Find out more about Isha in her Multiply site.

2 thoughts on “MUSIC AND THOUGHTS

  1. Looking forward to jammin’ on friday. 😀 That’s if we can keep ourselves up with the coding cram from now ’til then. 😀Will link you if you don’t mind? 😀See you friday pre! 😀

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