I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Some were fun, there were a couple of friends in them, and some were scary. Most of the time, I dream in two parts. In the past few months, I’ve dreamed about being at work already and it felt so real that when I woke up, I felt tired, as if I have already exerted effort in working at the office.

What have I been dreaming about? Here are some bits and pieces:

Dream #1

The other night, I dreamt that I was hanging out with old friends at a roadside tapsi place (it could have been GoodAh!). Time was around 2am, I think, and we were all kinda dressed up. I think it was a post-gimmick food trip. Then suddenly, these three toughies walk up to the counter. They’re not your usual toughies from the Pinoy streets. I’m talking really bad. Think Danny Trejo (Con Air’s Johnny 23, and normally a Mexican/Latino bad guy in movies that have Mexican actors in them). Times three. Big bodies. Long haired.

They surround me. They speak in really scary voices, telling me that I took their money.

Of course I say in my dreams that I didn’t know what they were talking about and of course they say that they were gonna kick my butt and pummel me into oblivion.

So, the fight starts. One of my companions get hit, one of the baddies get hit. Two of the baddies make their way toward me. Clenched fists, sharp knives, the kitchen sink…

Suddenly, I’m floating. My legs leave the ground. I am suspended in the air. The scene below me freezes.

Then I wake up. I willed myself to wake up, unwilling to see what happens next.

Dream #2

I’m at work. I do my usual routine: sign-in at the front desk, go over to my workstation and boot up my PC. Our technology consultant, Sir Gil, approaches me to hand over something: a check made out in my name for (dan-da-da-dan-dan-dan!) US $20,000.

Even in my dreams, I do the squint-my-eyes-and-look-closer thing.

I was holding a check worth $20,000, and I had no idea what it was for. Sir Gil tells me its for the work we’ve done. He then hands me this black sheet of paper, with some questions in it, tells me that it was part of the check. The funny thing was the questions in the sheet were really strange: it looked more of a menu, but it did have some questions in it. I forgot what the questions were, but there were definitely photos of food in it. I got stuck in answering one of the questions.

Then I wake up. Even if I didn’t want to. I wish I stayed in bed longer to find out how I would’ve spent the money.

Good thing my mind or my body was realistic enough to wake up because if I slept any longer, I would’ve been very late for work.

I’d trade the twenty thousand in my dreams anytime for the small amount I’d save for myself by not being late for work.

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