On Makati’s Central Business District

Yes, it is one of those days that I wish I could just whip my camera out and spend the afternoon taking pictures.

Unfortunately, I cannot. Today, I would have to be content with a “interview-and-run.” There’s work waiting at home, a gym appointment I can’t miss, and downloads to babysit.

So, I went to Metro Manila’s Business Capital, hoping to land a job at one of the numerous companies that reside in our country’s premier business district. The land where most buses finally respect the rules and drop people off far from where they want to be unloaded even if it means eliciting an unkind remark or two. The land where pedestrian underpasses are lighted, useful, and are photographs waiting to happen. Where crucial walking areas are being shaded from one stretch of the sidewalk to another, inviting more people to walk and think about things before they get to their destinations.

The dynamic of a big city amazes me. How the diversity between the classes become muted somewhat. In the sidewalks you will find sharply dressed employees with white collar jobs either smoking, chatting, hailing taxis, or eating fishballs. Casually dressed men and women stand in the waiting sheds, their heads stretching out for a better view of the buses’ signboards or sitting down in the shade, pondering their next move. Plainly dressed people perched on their sidewalk spots, peddling candies, cigarettes, snacks, fishballs, and other ‘street survival’ gear to keep you going in this city.

It’s not just the people: I stood in the sidewalk and watched how one part of Ayala Avenue could be packed with all sorts of vehicles, with horns blaring like hell at one moment, then a few minutes later clear on all lanes, creating a silence that kind of felt like that scene in ‘Vanilla Sky’ where Tom Cruise was running down to an empty Times Square in New York City at the top of the morning. It left me mouthing a wow that if other people were watching me, I would’ve been easily mistaken for a ‘promdi’.

There is a possibility that I will work here in the near future. There is also a possibility that after being exposed to the big city everyday will take away from me this opinion, and replace it with indifference, or in the worst case, I would come to the point that I will abhor all these things I have mentioned.

And that is why I put it here, for this was the day I saw the Makati not just with my eyes, but with clear mind and my heart.

It will remind me that should I find myself in another place that has a big or bigger city, I should remember how I saw Makati today.

And to take photos next time.

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