I can’t think of a coherent post so I’ll just share bits and pieces of my mind:

Some people press on the buttons on the elevator even if the light behind the buttons imply that they’ve already been pressed.

Some bus conductors don’t give out the change when it’s just fifty centavos.

Cutting down on smoking isn’t as easy as I thought.

VI with a no colors makes it harder to spot bugs, and easier to make them in the code.

Texting without the ‘pqrs’ key and substituting them with ‘fwzk’ makes your messages sound gay.

Tuna Meat Loaf smells like tuna, tastes like liver spread and has the meat loaf texture. But it’s good. (Thanks Master Chie for the taste test)

Fighting the urge to eat becomes a pig-out, especially if the urge to eat is incarnated in your favorite dish.

I love LimeWire and broadband connections.

Radio websites with countdown charts gets a thumbs-up from me too.

That’s it. Gotta split. It’s almost closing time.

Some cab drivers can be cold as ice. Silent. All business.

Some cab drivers you just can’t shut them up, once you get them started.

Some drivers are so reckless driving in the rain, they don’t care about who gets splashed when running through a puddle of standing water.

There are people who don’t care about others enough to hold the door open in the elevator when people are going out.

Rainy days make it harder for one to get up from bed and push hard to work, while rainy nights make it harder for me to sleep.

Edit: Added some more thoughts.

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