the real bad ones.

lately, i’ve been having bad dreams during the first half hour of my sleep. this past two weeks, there were days that i’d fall asleep, have a bad dream, then wake up. normally, what i do after waking up from the bad dream is to check the time. that is how i came to the conclusion that the recent bad dreams came mostly within 30 minutes after i have fallen asleep.

anyways, i’d like to share the really scary dream sequences i’ve had these past few days.

this dream i’ve had twice already in the last two weeks or so. i’d dream that i would get up from bed at night to loud noises of gunshots, incessant screaming and bright flashes in the sky. i look out the window and see hordes of armed, masked men chasing after terrified people screaming for their lives. the armed men then proceeded to mow them down with bursts from their firearms. then, i look to the left, to the alley leading to the entry towards the group of houses leading to ours. i see another group of armed men chasing a mother and her child, their screaming and pleading for their lives the loudest. the child cries incessantly, but the armed men shoots them down mercilessly.

at this point, i pull myself out of the dream and into waking up.

the most recent bad dream i’ve had involves cockroaches, one of the things that makes me go into a sudden panic mode – lots of them. but before it gets to that point, the dream reminded me that how ‘losery’ i was in the past. anyways, here’s how it goes. i find myself in front of a store, right where cars park. i don’t know how i got there but everytime a car parks, i try to get into them, only to be ridiculed by the drivers and passengers alighting. i don’t know why i was doing that but it was just pure instinct that i try to get into the cars parking in the store.

after finally realizing that what i was doing was kind of embarassing, i walk away from the store into this video internet shop where police cars were waiting. i stood there just watching, when a cop came to me and said that they were conducting a raid on the establishment. so as i was walking away, two strangers told me that the place being raided was a cyber pornography den and had offered me to watch how the raid unfolded from the balcony of this really big house.

so we went to that really big house (how we got in, i don’t remember anymore) and we were climbing our way to the attic where the balcony was when this whole cluster of cockroaches starting dropping on us. when i look to see where my companions were, they were gone, and i had jumped from a high part of the ladder that we used to the floor, i could feel the noise of the roaches wings, the splatter of their guts as i waved and warded them off, and having enough visions of roaches, i pulled myself out of the dream, and again into waking up.

now, i have some reservations to fall asleep early because most of these dreams happen when i sleep early.

but i know that the good dreams will come back soon. as my friend Trina mentioned, all it takes is some pre-sleep preparation and focus.

and a little prayer.

2 thoughts on “DREAMS

  1. yep! focus, some mind conditioning, relaxation coupled with a prayer. interesting dream… hmmm… lemme work on my psychoanalytic skills as we go deeper into your dreams + take note of johnny’s personality. btw, P2500 per oras po ako. hehehehe!

  2. naku! heheheh *does some quick calculating* mukhang di kakayanin ng budget ko ang PF mo teachoy! 😀 di ba pwedeng isang matinding food trip blowout na lang pwease teachuh? 😀

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