The Bathroom Playlist

One of the things I like about the good old Tanager (Smart Amazing Phone) is that it can play mp3s anywhere I want to as long as it has power, enough memory left on the SD/MMC card and songs to play. And because of its’ portability, I can take it to the bathroom with me to play music to sing to while taking that refreshing bath.

Now, in case anyone’s wondering, what songs do I play/sing to in the bathroom while taking that bath?

Here they are, in no particular order:

Champagne Supernova by Matt Pond PA (helps me realize how long my bath is)
Screaming Infidelities by Dashboard Confessional (“your hair is everywhere…”)
Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 (“steal some color, shed some skin…”)

And if the bath lasts long enough…
Save Me by Remy Zero (it’s loud. pretty fast beat. perfect companion to cold water to wake me up.)
Fine Again by Seether (baths make me feel fine again)
California by Phantom Planet (“here we come!!!”)

And while dressing up…
If You Leave by Nada Surf (kind of a morning after effect, the thing is I’m the one left alone in the morning)
This is Your Life by Switchfoot (can it be anyone else’s? can i have someone else’s?)

Wow. This sounds pretty cool. Maybe I should start playlists for everyday occassions: bus ride blues, treadmill tunes…


4 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. Nice playlist pre! I do the same with my Sony Ericsson K750i — but I am hampered by the relatively small memory capacity. Should invest on a memory stick duo soon… 😀(I listen to the music on the way to school and work, but not when I’m taking a shower though — but that IS a good idea).

  2. alan: nakasave yung Julia at MYMP para sa pagpasok ng office door! respeto sa sounds mo!dean: sayang mahal kasi duo eh. try compressing the sounds to 64kbps bitrate, your 64MB can hold at least 20 mp3s at that bitrate, or more at 56kbps bitrate. less costly than a new memory stick 😉teachoy trina: naku lalo nakakatagal ng ligo ang mga songs sa bathroom playlist mo 🙂 all emote pa habang kumakanta ng ‘broken sonnet’, kunwari ulan yung tubig galing sa shower/tabo hehehe…

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