Badminton Boo-Boos

What’s the danger in hitting a feathery shuttlecock back and forth, running forwards and backwards, then left and right and forwards and backwards again?

I can name two.

I hit my right knee while chasing a drop shot (that I managed to return quite beautifully) and hit my crotch a bit with the head of the racquet after a slicing the air while attempting a ‘smash’.

All I could do was laugh when the second thing happened. Took a few minutes to get the pains out of my body and the breather got me going again.

I guess badminton’s a contact sport, after all.

And I pray that THAT racket incident won’t affect any chances of me having kids.


That’s it, I’m getting some sleep. I was headbanging in front of the monitor while writing this post.

One thought on “SPORTS

  1. Jon jon jon…who would’ve thought you’d need to wear a cup to protect yourself from your badminton racket of all things. =)But at least during that day, it was quite a game we had =) Mom thinks you’re improving though should be careful considering you tend to trip or fall.

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