“Biglang Liko”

I know the term has a naughty connotation, but this was literaly what Ann did to get to where we suddenly had decided to go. But before any naughty minds start getting any wrong ideas, let me tell the story first.

It was just like our usual wrap-up to the work day: some chit-chat before leaving the office, getting dressed for workout and saying bye bye to the closers. On our way to the gym, Ann and I mentioned to one another about being hungry, but somewhat pushed the thought to the back of our minds, psyching ourselves up for an hour of exercise.

So we got through with our one hour of exercise in one piece and were on our way home when…

Jon: “I’m hungry.”
Ann: “Me too. Anyway, pauwi na rin tayo. So tiis na lang?”
Jon: “Yeah.”

Then we passed Brother’s Burger.

Jon: “Uuuuyyyy, Brooootherrrssss…”
Ann: “Isn’t that like a hundred bucks a burger? How’s it there na?”
Jon: “Yeah, pretty much. But they’ve got some 69 to 80 buck burgers too.”

So, we ignored Brother’s and we were turning right on Commerce Avenue when…

Jon: “Uy, Hotshots!”
Ann: “Where?”
Jon: “There, sa Petron, right on top of Treats. Hotshots tayo?”
Ann: “Sure.”
Jon: “Mag u-turn ka.”
Ann: “Oo nga liliko na nga ako eh o!”

At this point, Ann was turning into the U-turn slot and we were on our way to Hotshots. We both had burgers, shared on fries and toasted to a bottle of mineral water while making a not-too-detailed critique on the burgers, the ice cream from a menu of a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor right beside Hotshots and talking about other great tasting food while waiting for our order. And we both agreed that Robin should’ve been around to share that mini-food trip.

So there. Me and my best buddy’s idea of “biglang liko.”

**Disclaimer: My memory is icky to quote the dialogues verbatim, so if Ann disagrees about whatever I printed here as her line, my apologies in advance if I put words in her mouth.

5 thoughts on “TODAY

  1. Oo nga set up mo na blog ko para makikita nyo ang aking mga IN-YOUR-FACE entries along with other nonsense *laughs*As for what i said in that hotshot incident, oks na yun =)

  2. So… 1 hour of workout cuts around a few hundred calories… And you eat burgers afterwards. πŸ˜€Smooth. πŸ˜€Inggit naman ako, sana may hotshots rin akong pwedeng kainan dito sa Laguna… πŸ˜€

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