a few questions…

what are the numbers on the side of a bus ticket for?

why do companies ask for the desired salary when they will offer you your current one?

my day in blurbs:

i think i like riding taxi cabs that have talkative drivers rather than the silent ones.

i love the makati underpasses. they are photographs waiting to happen.

half an hour is fun if you’re with someone fun. (thanks shynne!)

i was hyper by the days end. (probably the cafe americano with hazelnut)

waited all morning for broadband technical team to repair my net, and they come in 20 minutes after i leave the house. how sick is that?

i thought i was a Mac literate, but after that chat with Ann regarding Mac basics, apparently i’m not.

i can still make four straight three-point shots, ten straight free throws, but miss a really easy layup.

i took along the visitor pass at the building that i went to during my meeting with shynne.

i want either an O2 Xphone II or a Sony Ericsson K750i (thanks to dean for getting one, because now I want one)

i’m reading a book on basic photography. neato! now i wish i had spare time to take street photos and the like.

i finally learned how to use digital macro! hooray! next post when i get broadband back, i’ll be posting my photos.


that’s it for tonight. gotta sleep early and brace myself for work warzone and gym tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. ay ako rin! gusto ko ride sa cabs na daldal mga drivers! feeling ko close kami hehehe! there’s this one time, i took a cab from santuario, e dami ko dala. sabi nya he can only take me as far as alabang (from makati)…dinaan ko sa chika powers, good thing, he was equally daldal…kaya ayun hanggang dito sa front ng subdivision nya ako hatid…without additional payment! yahooo! hehehe!

  2. wow! now that’s what you call efficient use of charms! really, drivers who speak their minds make me feel safer and makes the ride less boring. i wanted to take the man’s photo while he was talking for my photo project but nahiya daw. hehehe.

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