Trigger Happy

As promised, the photos of Tuesday and Tuesday night. And no, I don’t think I’ll ever be trigger happy with a gun, but with a camera, I’m sure I’ll just shoot at anything and everything, including the kitchen sink.

My current rave: close ups using digital macro:


Curtain Call for Mom’s Curtains

Round Shapes and Lines: The Egg Shakers

Cyber-Disco Mouse

Shooting Makati, from the windows of a cab. I’m still not comfortable whipping my camera out on the streets to shoot photos. But I’m sure I’ll be back for the underpass photos, which are photos begging to be captured…

The view from behind a bus: Makati’s streets and structures.

An illusion of the buildings falling over. Notice the lines on this photo.

This cabbie is all about driving. From my interview to 6750 in three and a half minutes.

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. panget ng pix, wala na bang iba? if i have to give you advise, make sure si queenie nasa background para maging ok yung pics! party on!

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