optical mice make great subjects

status report

sisig in a bun


all those calls


notice the apparition on the screen of the xda

partially geek.

Because of the highly stressful non-stop coding and debugging done yesterday, my breaks were spent snapping photos. Again, close ups with digital macro was my focus, trying to find new angles that I can play around with. Though I’d love to move on to some other photo projects, I’m still having fun taking close ups…

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. hey mitzi: nice yung sisig bun no? hehehe its amusing to watch someone eat it, its almost like literally watching someone eat a pig’s brain. (sorry for the disgusting picturesque statement, heheh)dean: oo nga na-extra yung name mo sa YM heheheh. di ko agad napansin :probin: swabe tlaga maglaro with camera heheheh, sarap magfeeling photographer waheheheh

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