The Good and The Bad

Life is all about balance. You can’t have it all good. To appreciate the good in one’s life better, from time to time, one is exposed to the not so good sides of life. It comes in so many different manifestations: a reminder of the past from your present state, having one good thing consumed by a directly opposite bad thing, or just plain having it all bad in one day (which is the worst kind, and ruins the whole week if the said day falls on a Monday.)

Take this for example: Having to experience a day where most of the things that I code go wrong makes me appreciate that today, I made most of those non-working code functional. Or that being on dial-up right now makes me feel thankful that despite my broadband is down, I can afford to subscribe to it at all and remind me that I was grateful for just having internet access. Not being able to bring clothes and a bag and drag myself to the gym today made me feel like kicking myself for being such a lazy retard but having all that food today reminded me that eating is good and enjoyable, and that tomorrow I can get to whip my own ass on the machines to burn all the junk I put in my body today.

It’s never really bad to indulge ourselves into something once in a while, may it be wrong, to keep things interesting. It really gets boring if everything was all good because it leaves us learning nothing new or all bad because it leaves us all hopeless for anything better. A bit of good and bad will keep us on our toes, keep us all guessing what’s gonna happen next, because if we were aware that we knew all along, imagine how chaotic that would be.

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