The ABC’s of Johnny


What I say when I learn something new. Mostly to people who are knowledgeable about something where I’m not.


I never was a master of flattery and patronization. Mostly what I say is from a ‘see-it-as-i-call-it’ attitude.


If you’ve heard me crack a joke, then ’nuff said.


I actually think that one day, I will do something that will have impact on the whole world. Like China isn’t big enough.


Yes, sometimes, I blow things out of proportion.


I can do a lot of things. Technically, I can be a programmer, web designer, photographer, graphic artist, writer, guitarist, cajon-drums player, basketball freak, shuttle-cock chaser, cue artist, slacker-slash-procrastinator, etcetera.

Sometimes, I humor with close friends that I can swing both ways.

Please don’t take that seriously.


See also: Aaah…


I tend to do things my own way, even when advised of a better way to do it. I guess it’s my nature to learn via the ‘crash and burn method’, where the lessons learned are always valuable, even if avoidable.


What one of my best friends describe me when I act the way precisely what the word means.


What I feel when I see my name in print. That is, if whatever I write gets to be printed.


Where you’ll find me in IRC.


On certain days, I indulge laziness, especially when my body feels it.


I’m masipag when I’m not lazy. Or when I have time to blog. Four posts today? That’s a clue.


That’s what most ex-girlfriends think I am when I am in a relationship.


Spicy tuyo bits on vinegar glazed donuts. Gwapo ako. Binagoongang baboy flavored ice cream. Lucky Me Pansit Canton Pansitan. Oh yes, I was just warming up.


What I used to be when I was in high school. Not a word to use to describe my tummy. In some days, a very good adjective to describe my wallet.


What I like today will be something I may not like tomorrow. I like overplaying songs. I talk when I want to, even if I don’t make sense, just to make some noise to break the silence. I can’t resist breaking quiet times, except in church. Like anyone else, I have my quirks and pet peeves.


When I couldn’t hack it in DLSU ECE and couldn’t get myself out of it, I rebelled by wasting my parents’ precious money by staying on and flunking everything including lab subjects, spent tuition money on gimmick treating friends I don’t have anymore, and taking on the whole family on during the whole brouhaha. Maybe a mild rebellion, but at least its a subtle expression of the term.I once tried to kill myself by drinking Rejoice. The result? One of the non-corniest stories I have ever told that sent people laughing at my pathetic attempt at suicide.


What I normally exclaim when I debug my OWN code. Basically a reflection on how I do things. But I’ve got to admit, I’m smart enough to learn from my own stupidity sometimes.


See Idiot, but it’s what everyone else uses. Also best used when


Physically, I’m nothing spectacular. Looking at me won’t bring any sparks or magical dust that will win over a lady’s heart or get the coeds swooning over me. Try talking to me or communicating, then maybe we can form another opinion of what I’m like.


I may leave unnecessary things unsaid, but I can be very vocal about my thoughts when required. Especially if people count on me to say things they cannot express and my being vocal comes in handy and their lives depend on it. So if you hear or read about a vocal guy shot dead in the news, please pay me a visit or murmur a short prayer for me.


Another quality I wanna take out of myself, because it sounds so pathetic. I whine about almost anything: Traffic. Cold coffee. Hot coffee. Heat. Cold. Fast cars. Slow cars. Sunny days. Rainy days. I don’t think anything satisfies my whiner nature.


I’ve seen movies with this rating, but I’ve seen a lot more with more emphatic X’s. Sorry, I haven’t made my own, and have no plans of making one, so stop searching Google for my name mixed with the word ‘scandal’.


A question that I ask when the code doesn’t work. Normally accompanied by a ‘But’ before the ‘Y’.

Zoned Out

This is me when I’m coding to save my career from being jeopardized by my ‘crash and burn’ method.

So there you go! An A-to-Z guide to Johnny. Whew! That was tiring. If you have any objections, comments or violent reactions, feel free to massacre my comment area. Please be at least a friend of mine in giving so, not some automatic spammer software crap, and anything you say or do in those comments will surely not damage whatever ties we have established prior to making them.

Good night everyone!

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. trina: thanks πŸ™‚ am flattered naman hehehe! it just happened, a flash in the pan heheh. gawa ka din ng A-Z mo! I tag you! you’re it! πŸ™‚robin: salamat bro! gawa ka din ng A-Z mo! i tag you! taya ka na din wahehehehe! see you next gig πŸ˜‰

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