Good Saturday

A Sea of Faces, A Torrent of Sound, A Soothing of Weariness.

Oh yes. I haven’t had a Saturday night that good in a long time. Stayed up late to watch Machinesledge and Sugar Hiccup perform at Winners Bar in Mandaluyong. Robin and I had a field day snapping up photos of Machinesledge and Sugar Hiccup, particularly while hanging out in the band lounge. The lights were perfect and almost everyone took a pose underneath the lights.

The ‘after gig’ drinking session was quite a riot. Some of us chased the brandy down with beer, switching tables, swapping stories in an almost chaotic but amusing manner. It felt like as if I was participating in 2 conversations nearly at the same time, while trying to tell a story of my own. The hot and spicy fried sardines by Master was a hit among the ladies. Eraserheads played in the background, their classic songs telling their stories and reminding us of our own tricks while attending high school.

Sugar Hiccup’s new frontwoman and guitarist Beatriz and her Machinesledge guitarist boyfriend Rommel told us how they met at the same place where we were drinking: Machinesledge drummer Terence’s house, and amused us with the circumstances how we all ended up drinking there that night. I was asked how I came to hang out with these guys, I merely pointed my finger at Robin and the story was told. There were sorts of webs of connections that somehow connected one with another, and the alcohol only enhanced that feeling of amazement how everything can come together and form something really enjoyable and energizing.

The sun was up by the time I hit the bed, and despite all the energy spent staying up, drinking, taking photos, talking and helping the guys out, all I had in my head was The Dawn’s “Harapin ang Liwanag.”

You guys rock.

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