This is me talking to three people in my head:

* Looks to the left *

You may think that I don’t think about what happened not too long ago. But where the obvious is visible, I will tell you this: trying to be happy has its’ price, and the price you pay for anything you esteem preciously is costly. I don’t regret having chosen what I have. What I regret is to have been the one to bring you the one thing you never had any need for: pain, and though I have caused others that in the past, to have brought upon you was one of the things I still think about, mostly when my world is quiet and when I realize that in order to be happy, sometimes you have to be alone.

* Looks to the center *

I am afraid that people can see right through me. Mostly, I’m afraid that you will.

* Looks to the right *

I hate myself for reverting back into thinking that fairy tales can still come true, but I love the way things turned out from such a messy situation on my side.

* Looks to everyone reading right now *

Please don’t call a shrink or the mental institution.

Because I don’t want to be committed, figuratively and literally.


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