Shadow Plays and Kisses in Darkness

A dream in waking.
A hot and heavy haze in a room.
You moved with grace,
In contrast with my stiffness.
A shadow play acted by two.
Sweat covered bodies,
Heavy breaths.
Kisses in darkness,
Passion in a steamy box.

And a love that I paid for.

5 thoughts on “POEMS

  1. teachoy: thanks thanks! it means much coming from an amazing person like you! 🙂deanmeister: salamat pre! hehehe. a man can’t hide his true nature, even in poetry wahahah. uy konti na lang, a little bit more, we can really finish textmail 2!-martina-: sublimation gave it away completely! 🙂 i think and i believe i know who martina is… malagu yang itsura pong katawan na. atin ka palang “secret identity”. hehehe.

  2. nano? wa, malagu pero (what’s kapampangan for pero?) matuling ya! hahahaha! ika naman masanting! oh gawd, barok kapampangan!

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