43 Things, 43 Places

Why 43? Why not 50 or 100 or a million things. The owners of and think that it’s a nice number, not too much, and anything less is still good enough.

I found these sites very interesting because of the spirit of sharing and helping one another to accomplish the things you list down. Also, seeing what others have to do for themselves are great inspirations to come up with your own, most especially when we all come down to the “what now?” phase.

I haven’t really gotten into filling up all 43 things, but I have some there now. I hope I can do some of the things there and visit the places that I’ve added. They’re not exactly spectacular, but personally the things I’ve listed are either things I’ve long wanted for myself. I hope to have some things that will mean much to other people as well, and as for the places, I really hope that I can find the means to get myself there, so as to help me complete whatever goals that I have for myself.

If you’ve decided to list down your things and places, look me up when you get there. These are my things and places.

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