I Just Felt Like Saying Thanks

The whole broadband episode has left me struggling to update this blog everyday. I have been so used to being online once the PC has booted up that my patience with dial-up has become unbelievably short. I give up trying to go online after like 10 tries, pick out a book from my book corner and read something I’ve read for like a couple of times already. Yet, it flatters me to notice that some people still come by and read what I have to say or what I feel or what I just type out of the blue and tell me some really, really nice things.

One of them is one of the longest friends I’ve had that I’ve never met. She writes here. She’s a Filipina residing in the US, and she does (I hope that she’s still doing it up to now) something for a living that I sincerely wish people here did and get rewarded more generously for doing so: take care of the elderly. I have a soft spot for elderly folks and some of the friends I have here on the village are way older than I am and I enjoy exchanging stories and anecdotes (and hearty laughs) with them. We kind of stumbled into one another through my old blog, and even when I threw gave up writing on that blog, we remained good friends for more than two years now.

Anyways, it was turning out to be a rather busy afternoon and I was about to throw a temper tantrum with what I was doing when Abby IM’ed a very generous complement. Since I am home right now and the exchange of messages wouldn’t be here in my PC at home, I won’t be able to quote the lines verbatim but the gist was basically that she enjoyed reading the stuff that I put down here in this space. She told me that the stuff I write down here was funny and being an easily flattered person (aside from an attention bastard), I couldn’t help but send her a blushing emoticon and my sincere thanks. It was pretty much powerful for one of the first things she told me during our first conversation on IM ran along similar lines.

So cheers to you Abby! Thank you for your generous comments and your complements. Should I get enough more time designing templates, maybe I could gift you one more, something much better than what I gifted you before.


Well, she’s not the only person that I feel like thanking. There is so much to be thankful for: the Teachoy who often hops on in and gives me a lot of wisdom and encouragement with realizing what I want to do for myself and never fails to amaze me with her witty yet sincere words, my best buddy Ann who keeps me looking up and listens even to my ultimate nonsensical nonsense and gives sound advice, my colleagues Dean and Inna whose thoughts give me perspectives that I often overlook and provide me with a lot of things to learn, and my college buddies and lifelong friends Robin, Yek and Monique, for when we get together, I always find myself learning from their thoughts, opinions, stories and their indulgences.

Most of all, all of you who patiently read my whims and my outrages, my peace and my violence, my art and my weirdness. I agree with my literary hero Neil Gaiman when he says through his characters that “stories used to be fair trade for something valuable.” I still believe they are, and one of the reasons that I keep on pushing myself to write is that. If there is nothing else that I can offer this world, maybe a good story about a day, or about an image in our minds or an event that has some sort of impact would make it worth the time that the people who read it and give out their piece of minds spent in their efforts.


I’ve ordered 5 “Make Poverty History” white bands, hopefully to be delivered within the next two weeks. I’ve got two people (one’s for me, and one’s for my buddy Robin) on the list already and I haven’t got a clue what to do with the remaining three when they come.

Do you want one? Drop me a line here and tell me something right of the top of your head what you can do to make poverty history. I’ll post here the stuff that you wrote and personally bring you that MPH white band. I’ll prolly even take a photograph of you wearing that white band, which of course will be posted here and help me become much better in taking photos.

One drop in the bucket isn’t much but I’ll bet if we all put in some drops, we can make the impossible closer to the possible.

5 thoughts on “I Just Felt Like Saying Thanks

  1. Oh johnny! Thank YOU! parang sure na sure ako na ako ung teachoy diba? hehehe! anyways, dacal a salamat king comment mu. U’r a great person that’s y God surrounds you with great ppl like ur e-friends, officemates, chuvaness and the likes. and btw, where’d you order the ONE bands? *wink wink* wala akong sinasabi ha…hehehehe! no, seriously, where’d u order ’em?

  2. of course, ala namang ibang teachoy, metung yang tinatawag kong teachoy, ika lang :p dacal a salamat din ketang comment mu, makataba ya tlaga ng puso.i ordered them online, just click on the white band on the upper right corner of my blog. i noticed lang the other day that may mga proceeds from selling the bands will go to the effort to make poverty history. i wanted to do some more pa sana kaso have to budget muna 😉 when i get more blessing, magshare ku ng kaya ko ibigay 🙂

  3. no jon, thank <>you<>!i didnt think you’d take what i said seriously, though. and for the record, i’ll say this again, your’s is way waaaay better! fo’ sure! my nizzle! haha

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