Strong Walls

They won’t come down.
I punish them with my might,
Yet they stand.

You guard them dear,
Raise the drawbridge,
Cover them in your hands.

I whisper in your ear,
Sweet nothings, subtle musings.
You let me enter.

I abuse the walls,
Cover them with my graffiti,
Thinking they’ll grow weak.

Instead, they grow stronger.
Like iron-clad contracts.
Powerful. Uncompromiseable.

The walls hold life prisoner.
Sentenced for nine months.
Then liberty.

Yet, the strong walls…
Your strong walls.
They stand.

3 thoughts on “POEMS

  1. oh, that was intended 🙂 i really suck at hiding the obvious but i really think that attempting to hide the real meanings under a really thin coat of wordplay is nice and i’m just exploring how the words look togther 🙂medyo obvious ata yung mga repressions ko hehehe :p

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