“There are B-Sides to Every Story…”Eraserheads in Fruit Cake

I’ve been using Meridian’s Residential Wireless Broadband uninterrupted for almost five months until the connection became troublesome two weeks ago. I had made many calls and reports to get my service restored but alas, after two visits by the field technical teams and still no broadband. Though I’ve been trying hard to blog while on a dial-up connection, it kinda felt different: the pictures take forever to upload or download, plus loading photos on the blog would mean cropping or resizing or lowering the quality just to speed up the process.

I’ve slowed down in coming up with posts and I don’t want to get used to posting up entries while at work. I’ve been burned by this before which was one of the reasons why I stopped writing on my first blog, because my bosses found out where I’ve been writing some really strong entries about work on OFFICE HOURS. Well, I’ve tried hard not to blog from the office ever since, but this is where the faster internet connection is at the moment, and I feel that I don’t have much of a choice but to do it here.

Anyways, maybe it’s a wake up call for me to step outside the house, smell the reality of life. I can’t camp out in my PC forever, hiding out from reality from behind the monitor and keyboard or by double-clicking endlessly on my mouse.

Maybe that’s the b-side to this story. The universe is telling me to get a life outside the Internet.

I’ve taken a lot of baby steps: I’ve been working out at the gym a lot more often than I thought I would, I’ve been going out with friends and keeping promises that I’ll make it to so and so and where and what. Maybe it isn’t that much enough yet, so that means I’ll be going out a bit more, spending a lot more time with real people, communicating and gathering with them the good old-fashioned way.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. aru naku, atin ka na namang realization ne? agree ako king sasabyan mu… atin yang masanting a pangyayari king any situation no matter how matsura it may seem. kapampataglish!

  2. teachoy! sinakit kung tagiliran kakatawa, makatula ya karing ‘kapampataglish’ mu na term 🙂 me-realize ko itang naisipan ko na too late. mag-enjoy ku kahit paano, atin kung extra time para makasabian ko itang mga kabarakada, kapamilya pong officemates ku. at least makatula itang kinahinatnan kahit ala kung broadband karing bale. tama na nga di ko na alam mga ispelling ng kapampataglish wahehehe :p

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