I’ve been tagged!

what are things you enjoy doing even when there’s no one around you?
read books, blogs, sports news sites and other interesting stuff on the net, on print, whether i’ve read them before or not.

what lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
overplaying one song of my choice, a long smoke break, eating something really good, have a cup of coffee with buddies and talk, have a lot of drinks with my beerkada and talk (then fall asleep. this will not lower my BP but sure takes a lot of stress away). videoke night. playing guitar before an audience (no matter how small).

7 things that scare you.
flying roaches.
being struck by lightning.
losing one of my senses.
growing old alone.

7 things you like the most.
good food.
taking photographs.
watching live performances.
pc/internet combo.

7 important things in your bedroom.
my ‘hotdog’ pillow.
my ‘bed’ (actually it’s just a cushion)
reading light
charger for my phone
the books

7 random facts about you.
i don’t know how to save money. (amen, ara)
i fell into a canal when i was very little.
my front teeth are plastic jackets.
i used to be REALLY mean to cats.
i still believe in soulmates.
i tiptoe at certain points during a bath.
i snore, talk and laugh in my sleep.

7 things you plan to do before you die.
take a backpacking trip around europe.
go sky diving.
cook a good meal.
watch a live Formula One race.
grow my hair really long.
see my name in a by-line.
go bungee jumping.

7 things you can do.
play guitar.
open a bottle of beer, with another bottle. (at last!)
unlock a SIM locked-Nokia mobile phone without cables.
fix a computer.
understand a number of programming languages.
listen to one song over and over and over…
get a 100 or within the 90’s range score in videoke. (even if my voice sucks)

7 things you can’t do.
drive uber fast. (that’s why i play PC games for that)
tell a good joke.
whip out my camera in public. (yet.)
keep a kid’s attention
come in early for work consistently

7 things that attract you to the opposite sex.
someone who i can just exchange ideas and opinions and points of view
a penchant for singing
strong/independent/free-spirited type
scent (whether it’s her perfume or her natural fragrance)
eyes i can stare into and lose myself in
nice smile

7 things you say the most.
“kain tayo”
“hay naku…”

7 celeb crushes.
angelina jolie
claire forlani
marisa tomei
rachel bilson
jennifer connelly
paz vega
michelle branch

7 people that you want to take this quiz.
teachoy tweena

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