On Pinoy Mathematics…

Back in grade school, I was taught some really good basic math.

10 – 7.50 = 2.50

I think I always got this right. I forgot how I learned this but I always arrived at this answer when I was asked to solve that numerical problem.

Bus conductors here south of the metropolis seem to get their math all wrong. An example?


I know I gave the conductor a ten for my bus fare. Clearly, the rest of my change went somewhere else than my pocket.

Let’s do a quick mathematical scenario: a bus can fit 60 sitting passengers, plus another 15-20 if they fill the aisle with people standing up. Let’s say all of them pays minimum fare of 7.50. All of us pay in either 10’s or 20’s. If the conductor does not give the 50 centavo part of the change to everyone, there’s 30 pesos going somewhere. That’s for one trip on minimum fare. Let’s say the bus makes 6 trips in a day, so that makes 180 pesos for a day, 1260 in a week and 5040 in a month and 60480 in a year.

Maybe they go to a driver’s and conductor’s fund or something. Or they use it as buffer to keep bus fares low. Or maintenance for their buses. Or something noble.

I don’t really mind because right now, a jeep ride to my office costs more than an airconditioned bus ride.

And that’s counting the 50 cents that they don’t give me for my change.

So, why the post? I don’t really know.

Found an excuse for a blog post 🙂


I Love My New Bag

That’s it! 🙂 Should I give it a name?

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