Lightning Struck Us All

Well, at least a dog nicknamed Lightning did.

Robin‘s family got 2 new dogs: a Siberian Husky nicknamed Lightning, and a yet-to-be-named Golden Retriever. After Saturday night dinner, we trooped over to his place and spent the evening being struck by this amiable dog nicknamed Lightning.

Monique and Lightning, in a cute moment.

Yek with Lightning. Shot in Siberia πŸ™‚

Good boy. I don’t pet dogs much, but this one is unbelievably comfy to pet.

We all wished he was ours.

Must love dogs hangover? Maybe. But you’ll really love this one. And when you fall for this dog, then you’ve been struck by Lightning.

7 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. So cutie naman Lightning! I’ve always wanted a Siberian Huskie after seeing White Fang ages ago. Parang bait bait and loyal dogs. Waaaaaaaaah! I miss having dogs @ home… 😦 Too bad my parent dont want dogs anymore…:( Sige na nga hamster na lang ako ulit. Hihihih!

  2. teachoy: superbly loyal ang dating! bait bait, malambing, ang aso na parang pusa! at may lahi pa at that!!! ganon ayaw na nila ng doggie?robin: oks lang! basta pag may litter first pick ha? :)) joke lang πŸ˜€ bibili ako at reasonable price πŸ˜‰

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