Fastest Buzz in the East (We are in the East, right?)

In a space of just under an hour last Friday night, I got quite buzzed in record time.

This was after taking three ex-officemates (but really good friends) out on a movie. We watched Must Love Dogs, did some drooling over John Cusack for my friend Sarah, then did my own drooling over an older but nonetheless staggering Diane Lane. I tagged along with the ladies as they went off to Bellevue for coffee/tea/group hang/shutterbugness. It was fun being the only thorn among the beauties, and helped me enjoy a great Friday night after a stressful week at work. A Mirror Project-candidate photo was basically the best way to get all of us in one photo.

So while they “tea-ed” and “fruit-plattered” the time away, I made a resolve to get some alcohol into my system to relax. Alas, with just three drinks, my vision blurred, my head bothered me like crazy, I uttered statements that made complete nonsense, had really bad camera-shake hands, and speech slur.

No surprise there because I followed up a Strong Ice with a Red Horse.

But before those three drinks, I managed to come up with some surprisingly nice photos:

Oh well, maybe I was in such a hurry to get buzzed. Sometimes, alcohol is good because it soothes something inside me that really troubles me. A kind of soothing that makes you stop thinking that reality is waiting for you outside wherever you’re hanging out.


Eleven Minutes

Prior to all that, I spent eleven minutes with myself all alone in a coffee shop, finishing up Eleven Minutes by Paolo Coelho. It kinda quite opened my eyes to how some women would want ‘it’. And when I say ‘it’, I mean the “big bad sex” issue.

Maybe that’s what all women want, if they knew what and how they wanted it.

The book really isn’t anything spectacular, but it was good to read something that described sexual and passionate in a beautiful way. When I mean beautiful, it sounds strikingly close to “sacred”.

And a view of how it’s like for women written by a man.

2 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. meju 🙂 ayaw ko mahamugan ang aking bunbunan hehehe. parang baby :)next time around, maybe i’ll get mittens, para matching beanie and mittens. maybe earmuffs din. kulang na lang snowman wahehehehe :p

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