Words and Music by Aia De Leon, Musical Arrangement by Imago

i choke on an anti-thesis
came midway past this song that leases
a little bliss
i thought i was over this
we are phrases less spoken
abreviated most of the time

hallucination chambered well in my mind
maybe ambition, though eloquent in design
stay frozen, immobile inside

never on a rainy day
to freefall
never on a run down day
to freefall

tailend of a night gone crazy
some favors never taken easy
is it over? still together?
i thought we were over this

we are faces-erased
so appreciated, not of this time
regained emotions still linger when its gone
leave your ambition no other time but now
to wait for the freefall

never on a rainy day

I caught Imago playing in Tower Records while pondering whether I should go home, or ask a friend to have coffee with me or ride the Pasay Road Cable Car for the second straight night with Sarah and the guys or to just take pictures of the city. Just the sight and sound of the band meant throwing everything went out the window, including the kitchen sink. I went in, fired up my camera, and had my Take 2 CD signed by the band. They sound good when playing live, and I’m looking forward to checking them out on one of their gigs.

I just love this song. The words I’ll soon analyze them deeper a bit, but the way they sound in this song was a perfect kickstart to the album (Freefall is Track #1). Zach’s beat, Tim’s guitar riffs, Myrene’s basslines, Aia’s voice and guitar blended well together in this song. I think it’s one of the best sounding Track #1’s.

Anyways, Imago’s new sound, a bit more mainstream alternative flavor, will certainly get some new audiences listening to mainstream alternative rock reeled in and certainly add to their current fan base. They’ve kind of departed from their old sound which was more indie-alternative-world-music-ish. It’s a welcome change, it’s always nice to see a band carry the change in sound well. They might have lost a bit of their uniqueness during this change, but they’ve done enough on the record to give it a distinct Imago signature.


If I take any more pics of Inna, she might start charging me modelling fees.

Should you need my photos for your autobiography Innskie, I’d be honored to give them to you 🙂


They rocked my Wednesday night, introduced me to Mozarella Squares, a really fragrant and delicious coffee/Bailey’s/Kahlua/mint drink, got me buzzed, re-introduced Cerveza Negra to my beer taste buds and made me remember why Cable Car is such a nice place to drink/hangout. They shared interesting stories with me, made me think happy thoughts (leather, whips, anime girls and really short skirts), reminded me why I wanted to go to UP, and conversed non-stop, no awkward silences at all. And I had absolute fun, besides this really loud alcohol buzz.

And yes, thanks for reminding me that I can actually finish a liter of draft. Hooray! 🙂

Cheers to new friends! Thanks for a wonderful Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. ayeh. cheers. i missed drinking a lot of beer, and that night, my beer drinking got the best of me 😀i actually am craving for a bottle of the brew too. make mine a red horse or a negra!Cheers!

  2. sweetie, nothing beat my chocolate/creme de menthe/kahlua drink that night! send me the pics! so i can post them too! 🙂(ps. ill let you in on a secret — the reason there were no awkward silences — we’re all just v. talkative.)

  3. waaaaaah! me like that!pero mas maganda sana kung sabay.. d drink + imago on the background = total asteeeeg!pare, bisita tayo rakrakan! badly need it! hehe 😀

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